Technical Consultancy on ETP management and optimization

A factory might have invested a huge amount of money to install an ETP. But improper handling or poor management can cost more money to an owner than his initial investment. We can review an existing ETP, find out the GAP’s and advise factory for making the ETP effective and to be in line with national and international standards. Whatever the reason might be, improper management of ETP can cause violation of laws and result in hefty or unwanted penalty by regulatory bodies. But to comply with regulatory needs ETP must do the necessary requirements of Good Waste Management Practices(GWMP) regularly, properly and consistently so that all the Quality parameters comply with standards/specification.

Consultancy on Chemical management system(a guide to ZDHC)
A textile or chemical industry deals in various type of chemicals i.e. carcinogenic, corrosive, toxic, eco toxic, explosive or flammable. A chemical management system deals in from the inception stage i.e. conceiving the idea of purchasing till the disposal that is discharge as effluent through the ETP. Our expert can assist a factory to formulate an effective chemical management system through various processes which meet national and international standards. An effective chemical management system can drive a factory towards Zero discharge of hazardous chemical (ZDHC).

Effective waste management consultancy:
Each factory generates non hazardous and hazardous waste. Waste management is a challenge for each industry. We are here to provide technical support to handle waste, specially hazardous waste like asbestos, PCB, organotin, heavy metal, ODS, electronic waste as well as radioactive waste.

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