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Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry has been making magnificent headway not only in creation /innovation of first-rate infrastructure but also attending to the global needs of the supply of quality medicines those are safe, potential, effective and stable meeting domestic regulatory need and in addition entering into multinational market. After complying the rules Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP). Like most chemical industries, the Pharmaceutical industries also has various environmental issues especially in manufacture of APIs. The process of drug manufacturing activities is quite complex and has inherent risks of on-site and off-site environmental overheads.
We, the Capella Consulting believes the saying “The more we care…the more we value…the more we respect human life…the more we will develop as a nation…with humanity, humility and commitment to service”. And in this noble service of health care we are confident to serve the nation by building hi-tech effluent plant e.g. ETP, Incinerator and other devices to minimize wastes during processing so that the peripheral environment do not create any alarming situation as per as echo friend is concerned.


Chemical management system

Pharmaceutical industry deals in various type of chemicals i.e. carcinogenic, corrosive, toxic, eco toxic, explosive or flammable. A chemical management system deals in from the inception stage i.e. conceiving the idea of purchasing till the disposal that is discharge as effluent through the ETP. Our expert can assist a factory to formulate an effective chemical management system through various processes which meet national and international standards. An effective chemical management system can makes a factory:

  • Competitive in the market
  • Reinforce occupational health & hygiene and safety
  • Environmental friendly
  • Good reputation to customers i.e. customer satisfaction


ETP management and optimization

A factory might have invested a huge amount of money to install an ETP. But improper handling or poor management can cost more money to an owner than his initial investment. We can review an existing ETP, find out the GAP’s and advise factory for making the ETP effective and to be in line with national and international standards. Whatever the reason might be, improper management of ETP can cause violation of laws and result in hefty or unwanted penalty by regulatory bodies.But to comply with regulatory needs ETP must do the necessary requirements of Good Waste Management Practices(GWMP) regularly, properly and consistently so that all the Quality parameters comply with standards/specification.


Our Experts

We have a technical expert pool with following expertise:

  • More than 40 years first- hand experience in pharmaceutical industries
  • Environmental experts with qualification and experience in working home and abroad
  • Experts having vast experience in working with ETP
  • Consultant/Advisors having enough experiences for improvement of the waste management system keeping cost effective concern in policy
  • We are always keeping the latest development of the environment control by getting internet knowledge
  • Our team are always keep their eyes about the development of this critical sector of pharmaceutical environment

Water and Energy conservation

Our experts can provide you effective measures for conserving water and energy customized to your factory. Water, the important need of pharmaceuticals processing may be drinking water, purified water/DM water, Water for injection etc. must be made and stored as per standard operating procedure.

Boiler, Generator and HVAC maintenance and repair

We have a dedicated technical group who can assist you in maintenance and repair of your boiler, Standby Generator, AHU & HVAC system etc.

Consultancy for system certification

Our experts can provide you the cheapest and appropriate consultancy services for the ISO certification like ISO 9001, 14000, 18000 etc.

OSH Training



Pharmacy workers may be exposed to a variety of workplace hazards in the course of performing their functions. The type and degree of exposure is dependent upon the type of pharmacy and its location (e.g. in communities and retail establishments, in hospitals, etc.). A key component of a health and safety program is to identify and assess hazards and determine appropriate controls. A systematic approach to hazard assessment includes the following steps:

  • List all work-related tasks and activities
  • Identify potential biological, chemical, physical and psychological hazards associated with each task
  • Assess the risk of the hazard by considering the severity of consequences of exposure, the probability that the exposure will occur and the frequency the task is done
  • Identify the controls that will eliminate or reduce the risk. The hierarchy of controls should be followed. This means that engineering controls are the most effective, followed by administrative controls (such as training and rules), followed by personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Implement the controls for each hazard
  • Communicate the hazard assessments and required controls to all workers who perform the tasks

What We Do?

  • Training need analysis for imparting training
  • Formulate a training matrix for trainee selection
  • Module development for OSH training
  • Customized OSH training as per factory requirement

Our Trainers

  • Vast first-hand experience in different OSH fields with multi-disciplinary industry
  • Vast experience in OSH training both in national and international level
  • State of the art module development in par with factory requirement
  • Vast experience in OSH module development for various national and international entities

Fire risk assessment(Safety Needs)

As pharmaceutical industry, deals in chemicals like explosive and flammable in nature. We can do the fire risk assessment of your factory as per national and international standards and accordingly provide you the best possible control measures to keep your premises safe as per as fire is concerned. We have a pool of fire risk assessor with more than 20 years of first-hand experience in doing risk assessment in different industry. Our experts are National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) members and level II assessors from UK. We can also provide you services of installation of fire detection, protection and suppression system i.e. Automatic fire detection system, hydrant, and sprinkler after careful completion of chemical risk assessment.

Disaster management

We can provide you the best possible solution for managing different disasters in line with the requirement of your premises. We develop Emergency response manual customized to your need then check the adoptability by conducting initial drill and review accordingly which in turn gives you the best effective tool to handle any disaster effectively.

Fire and Electrical Safety Assessment

Our company is an enlisted organization for fire and electrical safety assessment by Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishment(DIEF) of Bangladesh Government. We can carry out fire and electrical safety assessment in your premises as per national and international standard.

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