Our Strengths

  • 24/7 professional services
  • Vast experience in developing OSH modules and training delivery for industrial work safety training along with national and international consortium members in par with National and International Convention, Legislation, Standard and Codes. Tailor made training is completed by carrying out a unique Training Need Assessment (TNA) of the organization
  • Excel in BNBC, NFPA, ICC, FSS,EU Directives, BS standards for more than 2 decades
  • First hand experience in Waste management system
  • Real-world experience in implementation of Chemical Management System(Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals- ZDHC)
  • A pool of approximate 100 permanent and on-call trainers, auditors and inspectors who are trained abroad, having in-hand OSH experiences with fluent English-speaking ability for multi-national audience
  • Our trainers have vast experience in mass training atmosphere with vibrant group dynamics
  • Having successful applied experience of conducting colossal on-site training of top, mid-level management and front line workers
  • A strong R & D Team for developing industry specific OSH training
  • CEO and CTO are the member of NFPA

Our Services

Spiraling Superiority in Environment, Health and Safety
Like Capella, the brightest star with large constellation and synonym of “The Driver”, we strive to enlighten client’s need, reinforce the measures and maneuver towards result- oriented revelation.